Saturday, July 28, 2007

Two (2) desk top name plates

I made two (2) desk top name plates, one is a 3D cutting and the other is a plaque with the State of Michigan and the person's name attached to it.

Wood Bowl Made Of Various wood

My friend and I make these bowls with my ringmaster. We then use
a wood turning machine to sand then onto final finish, and buffing.
These bowls should be used only for fruit and decorative items and not for salads and other food.
These bowls take quite sometime to make.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Emily Tucker's Portrait in "Wood"

This is another of my grand children I deaigned on CorelDraw X3 Graphic Suite software.

Word Art Plaques

Somemore word art I made. In this project I designed it with
CorelDraw X3 Graphics Suite. This is fun to do but I have a long
way to go with the learning curve with the software!

State of Michigan Plaque

This the State of Michigan where I live. This goes well in the craft shows.

Military Plaques

These are just some of the Military Plaques I make with the scroll
saw. A lot of people like these at the craft shows.

Purple Heart saw/blade Project

I made this saw/blade with purple heart wood for the handle and hard maple for the blade. This saw/blade does take more time then other one I made.

The Boss art word

This pattern came from Steve Good also. I also use the program he made up to do these patterns. You can see it on


I enjoy the expression of the people at the craft shows when they
look at this . I also make a small one just like it.

Cozy Cub

I got this pattern from Jeff Zaffino and it will take some time to cut
and finalize, for me this was not easy, but, I enjoyed doing it. Once I got started on it i couldn't seem to quite.
Visit Jeff Zaffino web site: if you are interested in doing this project.

Basket made from pattern from Steve Good

I got this pattern from

I made out of oak.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tiger resting

I scroll sawed this with a 2.0 spiral blade on 3/4" Oak. I sold this
one at one of my craft shows, but, another can be made. I apologize
for the price sticker getting in the way.

Five (5) projects on display

This is some of my wood work displayed for a craft show and was
juried in this displayed.

Dog Plaque

I made this dog plaque from 3/4" oak and stained it.

Craft Show Display

This is one (1) of our first craft show displays.
We have upgraded the display and it looks a
lot better now. You can see Linda's Teddy Bears
on display also.

Travis Tucker Portrait in Wood

I designed and cut this portrait of Travis from
1/8" oak. I designed the portrait using CorelDraw X3 Graphics Suite.
I must say it took me sometime to come up with
what I wanted.

Train #1

I made this train from 3/4" oak and cut it on my scroll saw using a 2.0 spiral blade. As you can see I have some of these at craft shows of which I get $50.00 (No shipping or handling included)